Our Portfolio

Here are some samples of what you can expect for your next project.

  • Aerial Photo/Videography

    Capture breaktaking aerial images and videos for any need.

  • Home Owner's Insurance

    Reduce risks for your agents by foregoing the ladder-climbing. Safetly evaluate and record damage from the ground.

  • Personal Residential Shoots

    Capture a high quality image and video of your own home to share with others.

  • Home Inspections

    We work with inspectors to get the hard-to-reach shots with little effort and no risk to the inspector.

  • Land Survey

    Capture video of hard-to-reach areas of your property, or just to have gorgeous aerial shots of your land.

  • Emergency Services

    We work with local Emergency Service groups to provide live video feeds of hard-to-see places. We arm our civil servants with tools to help them help others, and return home safely.