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Our creative team thrives on offering invaluable products and service at prices that are affordable.

Founder, Shane Cloyd

We offer unbeatable prices in the Chester County region for drone services. Our portfolio includes real estate, personal residential, home inspections, home insurance claims, emergency service assistance, and more! Outside of our set-priced offerings, we can also consult and customize based on what our customer has in mind. There's no idea out of reach - unless it's higher than the 400ft that the FAA allows!

Although we offer standard products for affordable prices, we always offer unbeatable service for our customers - regardless of the project size or cost.


  • Utilizing the DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone, we have the capability to produce aerial images and videos of resilient sharpness and color.
  • We do not shoot drone videography for weddings, unfortunately. Our core model is to satisfy a large demand of services without the time commitment that weddings require and deserve.
  • Our standard services and prices are scoped to accommodate us as well as the customer.
  • Requests outside of the standard scope will incur additional charges. We will be 100% transparent on the scope and costs before we start the project.
  • Be sure your commercial drone pilot has their FAA Part 107 unmanned aircraft pilot's license to avoid liability.

Be Prepared

  • The more you have thought through your project, the quicker we can lay out a plan and begin shooting.
  • We are happy to manage the entire project if you only have an objective in mind.
  • Drone shoots are dependent on the weather and time of day. We will work to schedule you as soon as possible given the conditions you are looking for, but rescheduling does occur with precipitation and strong winds.

Chester County Drone is ready to
bring you the sharpest and most creative
videos and images to accentuate your business needs

Portfolio Spotlight

Here is a sample of what you can expect for your next project.

Our Services

We provide pricing on our 6 standard services listed below. We will gladly plan and price any custom requests that you have in mind.


Capture breaktaking aerial videos for any need.


Amaze buyers with a glimpse of what it feels like to arrive home, and look out at the world from their windows.


Capture a high quality image and video of your own home to share with others.


We work with local Emergency Service groups to provide live video feeds of hard-to-see places. We arm our civil servants with tools to help them help others, and return home safely.


Document favorite places or group photos with the ultimate drone 'selfie'.


If you have an expansive property with hard-to-access places, a high-def survey will help you evaluate the status of your property.


Don't miss out on damaged roofing, chimney issues, or other inspections points often missed due to lack of access.


Outside of our standard offerings, we thoroughly enjoy working with customers to create projects. Work with our team one-on-one to make your ideas come to life!